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Shi Zongsheng, songwriter and music producer, is a graduate of the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy.

Zongsheng possesses exceptional talent in musical composition and has a keen sensitivity to melodies. He consistently captures the emotions of life through music and transforms them into unforgettable melodies.

He excels in various musical styles, including pop, Neo-Soul, rock, and Musical. Some of his notable works include the global collaboration song ‘Pokémon Party’ with Lay Zhang and Pokémon, as well as ‘Shadow’ for Kelly Yu. He has also collaborated with well-known artists such as Eva Huang, Daimo Li, Clare Duan, Sun Hao, Xiao Panpan, Sean Chen, J.zen, Mimi Li, and Kim Sung Joo from UNIQ.

Zongsheng's creative aspirations extend beyond just music. He also has a strong desire to compose for visuals and scenes in his work. As a result, his music often possesses a visual and cinematic quality that stimulates people's imagination and emotional resonance. This creativity has also led to his success in the field of game music. Some of his game music collaborations include ‘Light and Night’ and ‘Identity V’.


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