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Artist services &
rights management for the new music industry

Outdustry Songs is our full-service independent music publishing company.  The Outdustry Songs team are specialists in navigating the complex world of music publishing, powered by best-in-class creative, collections and administration.

Our vision for the Chinese and Indian music publishing industries is nothing less than revolutionary: Our culture of transparent communication and our service-provider mindset ensure that songwriters and publishers can grow their business and enjoy long-term, sustainable royalty income.


Outdustry Songs is the proud exclusive China sub-publisher of a number of high-value publishing catalogues, including Reservoir Media (US), Prissima (KR), GL Music (DK) and Musicure (CN).


Outdustry Masters is our recrdings business, distributing cutting-edge frontline releases for in-house and client projects as well as optimising back catalogue across China, India and the world. Under the expert stewardship of our Outdustry Masters team, this eclectic catalogue is routinely given pride of place across global and regional streaming platforms on market-leading terms, as well as being licensed into high-value sync opportunities.


In our role as emerging markets consultants to some of the biggest players in the global music rights business (including Merlin and Beggars Group), we have advised our clients on every aspect of their business in the high-context markets in which we operate. From license negotiations, to contracting, to royalty reporting, invoicing and much more, we unlock complex markets and help drive long-term success.