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Miranda is a versatile singer-songwriter, music producer and film & television composer. She graduated with a bachelor's degree from New York University and holds dual masters degrees from the University of Southern California and Berklee College of Music. She recently worked as an A&R at Sony Music Entertainment China, with extensive experience in the Chinese music industry.

Miranda's notable works include Sury Su’s debut solo EP ‘DOMAIN’, which received the Japan Gold Disc Award, and NeNe Zheng Naixin's EP ‘Gentle On My Mind’. She has also excelled in the field of film and television, creating outstanding compositions for productions like ‘Unexpected falling’, ‘Love Unexpected’, and ‘Make a wish, Miss Xian Qi’.

Miranda is skilled in various genres music including Pop, R&B, and EDM. She has collaborated with numerous producers, such as Folded Dragons, Xu Rongzhen, Hu Hao, Real, Willim, and MizarMin. She has also worked with writers like Lin Qiao, Chris Wu, Shannon Brielle Price, Marco구준영,etc.

As an A&R, Miranda has developed several excellent works for Sury Su, Nene Zheng , Roada Xu, Evan Lin, and Yao Chen. Her musical collaborations also extend widely, encompassing artists like Jennifer Lee, Hashimoto Yuta, Peng Xiyan, Ta1bert, Li Xueshi, Leafy, Liu Junge, Shen Yue, Wang Jingxuan, Wang Bingbing, etc.

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