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Gelsey is a songwriter, film and television music composer, music producer, and arranger. She holds a degree in film scoring from Berklee College of Music and completed her undergraduate studies in Electronic Music Production at the Communication University of China. After graduating, she has composed music and songs for many films, documentaries, advertisements and singers.

Her portfolio spans various genres, including composing the theme song "Sealed Memory" for the film "The Truth", the composition and arrangement of the theme song for the radio drama "The Sound of Blooming Flowers," sung by Jin Zhiwen, and the composition, lyrics, and arrangement for the OST of the TV drama "Qing Que Cheng Feng" and “Treasures”. Additionally, she has contributed to the music composition and arrangement of songs like "The Swing of Wuyouxiang" sung by Bu Cai, featured in the TV drama "Her Islands" and web series such as "Nan Xun" and "Ta Si Huo".

In addition to these projects, Gelsey has an impressive list of outstanding composition works including the music for the "Jetta X Huang Bo" commercial, the soundtrack for the nominated documentary "Hailongtun" at the 31st Golden Eagle Awards, and the musical composition for the Best Short Film at the New York Film Festival, "You Are a God Kid." She has also been involved in the scoring of historical diplomatic dramas like "Diplomatic Storm" and TV series such as "Sweet Games".

Gelsey, with her versatile musical talent, has showcased remarkable creativity in the field of music composition, delivering impressive musical works across various media platforms.