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Artist services &
rights management for the new music industry
Publishing // China

Ding Yanxue graduated from the University of Rochester with a master's degree in finance and classical music. From 2015 to 2018, she served as an A&R for top-tier artist Hua Chenyu’s albums ‘Aliens’ and ‘H’. In 2021, she acted as the lead A&R for super-star artist KUN’s album ‘Lost’.

She is a skilled lyricist across pop, rap, ballads and ‘guofeng’ and is able to capture the attitude and sentimental life philosophy of the young generation. Her writing process and ways of thinking are fresh and powerful, with many of her lyrics already touching millions of people’s hearts.

Beyond KUN and Hua Chenyu, she has collaborated with many other big name Chinese artists, including Karry Wang, Jike Junyi, Meng Meiqi and TNT.

Playlist of works: