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The word “authenticity” has become ubiquitous when describing artists and musicians today, but when you encounter Bruno Major, you learn just how misused that term has become. Bruno has ascended the ranks to, by many definitions, become a global superstar, but has done so entirely on his own terms. The antihero of music stardom, Bruno has been completely uncompromising in his craft, creating unrivaled sonic landscapes that don’t conform to the standard pop music of today, which favors tempo and songwriting collaborations, but still deeply resonate with fans, as evidenced by his billion stream career.

Following the quick ascension of Bruno’s career, where he essentially won the music industry and experienced the highest highs, the pandemic hit. Rather than embarking on a global tour and releasing a highly anticipated sophomore album as his first traditional rollout, Bruno found himself back at his parents’ house. Instead of meeting superfans, Bruno met his mom at the dining table, where she made him ham sandwiches for lunch. It was here where Bruno suffered an ego death, and chose to write an album about it, the songs pouring out of him at a time when most of us didn’t know quite what to do with ourselves.

When the world opened up a tiny bit, Bruno hightailed it to Los Angeles and met Columbo, a 1981 Mercedes that quickly became the beacon of hope, freedom, and getting life back to pre-pandemic status. A brief month after their relationship, Columbo experienced an untimely death, paralleling the experience Bruno had just reflected upon, his own version of Icarus' wings. As such, the album Columbo emerged, a spectacular collection of songs that are a reflection upon the highest highs and lowest lows, reminding us all to stay present and not let get the best of us our egos.

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