Press Release : 贝格集团登陆中国 Beggars China Launch

Beggars + Outdustry = 贝格



Continuing to broaden their worldwide network, the Beggars Group are working with Outdustry as their exclusive representatives in Beijing and are also launching a dedicated website for Mandarin speakers (

实物唱片发行将在未来的几个月里由中国当地的京文唱片和台湾的HI-NOTE唱片发行。完整的歌曲目录可以通过音乐移动数字服务公司wa3.cn进行网上查询、认购. 此外,AlT风格的摇滚乐队“British sea power”是这种合作关系的第一个受益者,他们已准备在香港,台湾等地演出,并将于今年10月来北京参加摩登天空音乐节。

Key physical releases will be released in the coming months through local labels Jingwen and Hi-Note, while the full catalogue will become available through for online subscription and mobile distribution. Furthermore, the new partnership will be working hard to get Beggars Group artists in to the territory and the first to benefit are British Sea Power, who are playing shows in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Modern Sky Festival in Beijing this October.


“从我们的初次参加了由AIM和英国贸易投资总署主办之旅的中国之旅以来,我们一直在访问中国,并对中国进行了数年的接触,如今我们很兴奋的宣布与 Outdustry(格外音乐)正式合作,Outdustry(格外音乐)是一个最前沿的公司,致力于帮助排除中西方音乐的市场差异。我们已经见证到中国的音乐市场相当有活力,中 国的音乐发展非常迅速,对我们来说这个市场充满了挑战和良机。我们相信,通过将我们的艺术家推向市场,强化市场意识建设品牌形象,我们将在众多机遇选择中 处于有利地位。” (Simon Wheeler, Beggars集团

"From our first trip organised by AIM and UKTI, we’ve been visiting China and developing our contacts there for a number of years now so it’s exciting to announce our partnership with Outdustry, a company at the forefront for helping bridge the gap between China and the western music market. We’ve witnessed there’s a vibrant music scene within China and awareness of western music is developing fast so it’ll be a challenging market for us to work in. We’re confident that by bringing our artists into the market and building awareness for our labels, we’ll be in a good position to take advantage of whatever opportunities arise." - Simon Wheeler, Beggars Group

“中国音乐市场需要激进的思想以及真正的冒险意识,这两个优点毫无疑问贝格集团都已向大家证明。贝格在中国的发展是一项开拓性的项目,通过Outdustry(格外音乐)我们期待能帮助此项目初具规模.” (艾德 Peto, Outdustry | 格外音乐

"The Chinese music market requires radical thinking and a real sense of adventure, two qualities which Beggars have proved to have in spades. The development of Beggars China is a pioneering project and we here at Outdustry are looking forward to helping this take shape." - Ed Peto, Outdustry


贝格集团的音乐重心是针对独立音乐。成立于1976年,集团旗下目前包括四个活跃的唱片厂牌(4AD,Matador 唱片, Rough Trade唱片和XL 唱片),并被认为是世界最大的独立音乐厂牌。

The Beggars Group’s musical focus is fiercely independent. Founded in 1976, the Group now consists of four active labels (4AD, Matador Records, Rough Trade Records and XL Recordings) and is considered to be one of the largest Independent Group of labels in the World.


Artists currently working with the above labels include:

Adele, Anthony & The Johnsons, Basement Jaxx, Beck, Belle & Sebastian, The Big Pink, Blonde Redhead, Bon Iver, Camera Obscura, Cat Power, Jarvis Cocker, F_cked Up, The Hold Steady, Mogwai, Monsters of Folk, M.I.A., My Morning Jacket, Mystery Jets, The National, The Raconteurs, Radiohead, Scott Walker, Sigur Rós, Sonic Youth, The Strokes, Super Furry Animals, Emilina Torrini, TV on the Radio, Vampire Weekend, The White Stripes, Yo La Tengo and The XX.

Outdustry(格外音乐)是一家专门从事市场进驻,项目发展,中西方音乐产业合作的专业的中介公司。目前曾经服务过的公司包括:Sterling Sound,可口可乐, Transmit,伦敦发展代理处以及NBC美国全国广播公司。

More info on Outdustry can be found here.


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